*6:50 AM@Wednesday, March 30, 2011

okay i got a twitter account. well a long time ago. kay im done. gosh im so boring. ):

& I'll always remember what you said, forever."


*4:00 PM@Monday, January 31, 2011

& I'll always remember what you said, forever."

왜 이러니? I'm Not Alone :D

*12:26 AM@Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why are you like this?
Oh Oh Oh I love you. Like crazy
Why are you like this?
What do I do? It's frustrating. Stop. Why are you like this to me?
You know my feelings you already know everything.
I love you I like you now tell it to me you fool.
Knock Knock Knock Knock. Can you hear me now?
Knock Knock Knock Knock. Just wanna love you now.

NEW SONG I'M TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH :D KEKE. It's by T-ara (: 왜 이러니 :P kekekekekeke. OH AND JUNG MIN'S SOLO MV AND SONG IS OUT!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :D IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!! IT'S CALLED NOT ALONE :D jyjy jung minnie :D Oh and i'm obsessed with G.Na's "I'll back off so you can live better" IT'S FREAKIN AWESOME TOO (: keke. i dont know why i keep saying keke. keke. gehhhh.. :|

(I Know) You probably got sick of me
(I know) You will forget me
(I know) I will really hate you
Even though you know everything

You! The reason I lived
You! Were all I wanted
You! It was me who only looked at you

Even though the tears are rushing to me

I’ll back off so you can live
That is all I can say
I’ll forget you so you can live better
So that you’ll be happy without me
The love that you tossed away, you can take it
Don’t even leave a trace behind and take it all
Don’t even say you’re sorry
Don’t worry about me

I’ll forget you so you can live better

& I'll always remember what you said, forever."


*4:29 AM@Tuesday, January 11, 2011

yeah. どうして??? haha. i won't tell you what it means. :D MICHELLE PROBABLY CAN READ RIGHT? Haha. OH. okay. ERRR. wait. this has nothing to do with the title. that part would be later (: Today was a tough day ): i guess but not really. Like i went home late. ): i guess i gotta get used to it.. ): KAY FIRST. there was lessons and theassembly and blahblah. THEN. there was the internationalisation briefing thingy. until 4.30. then i had to do the math PT with nicole and lesbo until like.. 5.30. then i came home. HAHA, 5.30 is actually early. hahaha. WHY AM I COMPLAINING??!! haha. WADEVER.

OH CONGRATS FENDI!! :D For getting one of the top scorers for 'O's in ur school! :D which is not far from mine :D kekekee. okay. WELL HOPE YOU GET INTO THE JC/POLY U WANNA GO TO! :D keke.

OKAY! どうして time!! 내가 아직도 당신 사랑해? GOSH. it's been like what? 3/4 years?? i have to forget it man. SO どうして??? OKAY. i can't make it so obvious so.. I'll just stop here.

& I'll always remember what you said, forever."


*3:42 AM@Sunday, January 9, 2011

heheeehehe. okay i injured my self during NP training. then my feet bled. but it's not as bad as it sounds. hahahahah. okay im going to show you a picture. HAHA.

HAHA. OKAY. i know. im disgusting to put this picture up. haha. LOOK AT THE PUS. haha. okay. but it really hurt when the doctor peeled off the dirty skin and squeezed the pus out. HE HAD NO MERCY. O_O Oh. and i found this really cool thing i dont know how to describe but it's just cool. WELL in my cupboard, not my foot (: haha. HMM i still cant walk properly :/

OHHH DID I MENTION I BOUGHT A CAMERA??!!! HAHA. well i used my hard earned money :D to buy it (: $323 ALL MY MONEY. GONE. POOF. Oh i still have like some left (: OH AND HE'S CALLED :DDDDDDDDD JOSHUA!!!!!! :DDD kekeke.

I'm still memorising the korean alphebet :) THAT WAS RANDOM :D

& I'll always remember what you said, forever."



Name is Nat(: im a just another person living just another life in just another day, but it's such a lovely day. listen and you will see. Listen to the words that are never spoken. listen to the words of love.

Be Silent.

What am I doing now? I'm listening. you should too. silence is a beautiful sound. but i'm doing many other things too. like homework, projects and trying to fly. i'm writing too, writing words that might one day touch someone's heart. just like someone's words have touched mine.

In My Heart.

the things i love. there are many. many many many. too many to count. but i'm not counting them. i'm listening to them. to the sound of life, to the wonders music. But the one thing i will always love is chocolate (:

Maybe One Day.

the things i don't love. there are many. maybe more than the things i love. but one day, i'll love these things too. i just haven't gotten to loving them yet.

Reach Out.


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